SU Global Summit 2019: Super Intelligent Governments

How can we leverage AI to digitize, streamline and scale good processes and decision-making in government? Paola is imagining a new economic model for governments, transforming them into profitable organizations.

Nov 05, 2019 • WRITTEN BY Singularity University

50 Best Companies to Watch 2019

“We’re Using Technology to Create a Software Ecosystem that Simplifies Governments’ Processes to Support them in Operating more Efficiently, Transparently, and Responsively.”

Oct 25, 2019 • WRITTEN BY The Silicon Review

Paola Santana, CEO and Founder of Social Glass

Company Takes a Data-Driven Approach to Governance; “We Can’t Change What We Can’t See” is the Social Glass Motto.

Jul 02, 2019 • WRITTEN BY AI Trends

Social Glass: Top 10 e-Governance Solution Providers

An annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing e-Governance solutions for the government sector and impacting the marketplace.

Jun 16, 2019 • WRITTEN BY GovCio Outlook

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