Paola Santana, CEO and Founder of Social Glass


Jul 02, 2019 • WRITTEN BY AI Trends

Company Takes a Data-Driven Approach to Governance; “We Can’t Change What We Can’t See” is the Social Glass Motto.

Paola Santana is a lawyer, public procurement expert and tech entrepreneur creating the world’s next political system after democracy. She’s the founder and CEO of Social Glass, a software ecosystem using Artificial Intelligence to power high-performing governments. The company was recently named a top 10 e-Governance Solution Provider in govCIO Outlook. Previously, she co-founded a Silicon Valley startup that built a drone delivery platform, and co-established the Dominican Republic’s Constitutional Court. A Fulbright scholar and graduate from George Washington, Georgetown and Singularity University, she’s been featured as CNET Top 20 Latin in Tech, Forbes Top 50 Women of Power in Central America. She recently spoke for a few minutes with AI Trends Editor John P. Desmond about Social Glass, how it employs AI and how it fits into the political system…

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