Social Glass: Top 10 e-Governance Solution Providers


Jun 16, 2019 • WRITTEN BY GovCio Outlook

An annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing e-Governance solutions for the government sector and impacting the marketplace.

Governments are the biggest purchasers in the world, spending a significant amount of their GDPs in public expenditures. Still, the complex and outdated processes of public procurement are often characterized by non-intuitive user flows and interfaces, poor performance visibility and repetitive manual implementation by highly-specialized public officers. This complexity leads to inefficiencies affecting all public procurement transactions across agencies, especially micro-purchases, those direct purchases typically under a low dollar amount. When aggregated, micro-purchases represent approximately $150 Billion market in the US.

A successful micro-purchase, one that provides the best value for taxpayers dollars, require officers to juggle budget availability and conduct competitive market and pricing analysis in an expedited manner, to carry out an informed and optimal transaction. In addition, they need to ensure that changes in regulation and policy goals are effectively being taken into consideration in every purchase, and that suppliers comply with the basic requirements needed to sell to government…

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