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Buy local products and services, from businesses and people you know



One powerful search bar with single-screen product and price comparison.


Optimize for price, local delivery, past performance or agency goals.

Certifications & Verifications

Confirm vendor clearance, warranty, insurance and agency requirements.

Checkout & Done

Place orders with your preferred government payment method - Credit Card, Purchase Order, Government Check, Wire Transfer, or pay via our Credit Line.

Why Local

Local government marketplace enabling compliant transactions between government buyers and small, local, and diverse vendors online.

Support Local Businesses

Make it easy for your community to support your local economy by accessing local vendors, products and services.

Power The Local Economy

Purchase goods and services from your local vendors and directly impact the recovery of the local economy. Support your community and be part of the solution.

Business Expansion

Show your businesses you care by giving them tools to compete with e-commerce giants, while attracting business in other cities.

Direct Small Purchases

Increase by 50% the number of small, local, and diverse businesses registered and pre-qualified to do business with you.

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