Paola Santana from Glass at the GovTech Summit 2022 in The Hague, Netherlands


More founders, less barriers: Is procurement the single biggest blocker to innovation? Startups working in the public sector is no longer a new idea - the pandemic has accelerated this critical collaboration between innovators and government. Yet despite the gains we’ve made, there are still huge blockers in the way of delivering more innovation to the public sector in a more efficient way.

This panel discussion will explore the tools which we can leverage to motivate innovators to bring their disruptive thinking and revolutionary technologies to the public sector. Government leaders will be joined by the innovators on the other end of their systems to discuss the current barriers founders face in trying to break into public sector markets and what can be done to dismantle them.


Marta Krupinska - Head of Google for Startups UK


Mikk Vainik - Founder & Head of Public Policy, Accelerate Estonia

Constantijn van Oranje - Special Envoy, TechLeap.nl

Neil Smyth - CEO and Co-founder of Alkemio; YES!Delft Digital Technical Director

Paola Santana - Founder & CEO, Glass

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