Paola Santana at the 2022 State of Latino Entrepreneurship Forum


On behalf of Stanford Graduate School of Business and Latino Business Action Network, Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative held the 7th Annual State of Latino Entrepreneurship Forum.

As they continue to consider pathways on how to rebuild and reshape the United States economy amid COVID-19, Latinos play a prominent role in recovery. Latino-owned businesses are the fastest growing business segment in the United States. Over the last 10 years, the number of Latino-owned businesses has grown 44% compared to just 4% for all others. How are these businesses navigating the impacts of COVID-19 and strategizing future growth opportunities?

In the 7th Annual State of Latino Entrepreneurship Forum, the SLEI research team reveals their latest findings from their largest survey to date of 15,000 business owners. The also explore the impacts of the pandemic, the quality of jobs created by Latinos, and the financial viability of Latino-owned businesses, among other topics.

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